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Bluerydge is the Australian owned solution

We provide cyber security and technology solutions delivered by our team of trusted, cleared and experienced professionals.

Bluerydge ExperienceCyber Solutions


We provide innovative solutions to overcome your challenges.

Focused on individual cyber security technologies and services to comprehensive delivery and implementation of mission critical systems or projects critical to future missions. Bluerydge provides the Australian turn key solution focusing on the details and delivery while you the customer are enabled to achieve your objectives.


Security cleared professionals operating on sensitive projects for clients where trust is paramount to every solution.

Cleared & Australian

Australian owned and operated. All personnel are security cleared and our solutions are generated locally. 

Qualified & Experienced

Postgraduate qualified, industry and vendor specific certified and accredited professionals by leading industry bodies.


Dedicated and highly motivated professionals possessing EQ and IQ to respond to customer challenges.

Securing the digital frontier.

Cyber Security

Cyber Security Solutions

Innovative and secure solutions


Research & Development

When you get one of us, you get all of us.

The Bluerydge Experience

Bluerydge provides both our customers and consultants full-firm support. This ensures that our customers receive the benefits of the firm’s overall body of knowledge and experience base.

The selection of Bluerydge ensures confidence in the successful response to every challenge.

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Premium Experience

The customer’s Bluerydge Experience is built around the provision of ‘full-firm support’.


Bluerydge genuinely cares and places the utmost importance on achieving high quality outcomes and succeeding together.

Track Record of Success

Bluerydge has delivered a range of cyber security solutions and services across a broad array of Government projects and systems.

Customer Centric

This experience is customer-centric with an intent to contribute genuine results with premium customer service.

Let us provide the Bluerydge experience today

Our team is ready to solve your most complex and sensitive challenges today. Speak directly to a leader that will work with you to achieve a sound solution.

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