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With experience in our minds and innovation in our hands. Bluerydge are actively engaged in research and development activities supporting Australia's advantage globally.

Innovation through Experience

Bluerydge Research and Development (BRND) projects are designed to offer innovative and secure solutions from cyber to technology challenges faced by Australia.

Cyber Space

Securing our most valuable assets in space through the use of innovative and proactive tradecraft.

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Relationship Intelligence

Guiding intelligence operations to insider threat investigations for both industry, Defence and Government.

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Digital Footprint

A holistic insight and understanding into a persons digital footprint on the internet delivered in a succinct product.

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Securing Australia's final frontier


Bluerydge's cyber space security (BRND) project is currently underway which will seek to enable Australian equities in space to be protected from the latest cyber threats.


Confidence in the secure operation of equipment while deployed in a space environment. 

Proactive Security

Securing equities in space through the use of proactive cyber tradecraft enhancing detection, response and remediation.


Delivering innovative and new age security deployments to support specific requirements based and mission critical specifications. 


Empowering intelligence operations through a tailored visual and attribute based human relationship constellation. 

Insider Threat

Driving insider threat investigations to identify the source, its connections and provide the critical insight needed to respond. 

Case Management

Designed for intelligence and investigations supporting a critical component in the active management of human relationships.

The practical approach to relationship management


Bluerydge's relationship management (BRND) project is currently underway that will provide Australian industry, Defence and Government a unique ability to manage human relationships spanning business, intelligence and investigative constructs.

Insight into publicly accessible information on the 'internet'.


Bluerydge's digital footprint (BRND) project is currently underway that will provide industry and Australian Government a holistic means to understand a persons digital footprint online.

Complete Picture

Providing a holistic understanding into a person’s digital footprint in time and into the future with comparative insight. 


Building foundations on new age initiatives, security and privacy providing confidence in its operation and compliance.


Delivering simple, succinct and visual reporting aimed at capturing a persons digital footprint on the internet. 

What does BRND mean?

Bluerydge Research and Development (BRND) is an assigned project to overcome a specific challenge faced by Australia.

How can we support or receive more information on Bluerydge BRND projects?

For more information on Bluerydge BRND projects, please send us a message below and we will get back to you.

    Can Bluerydge be provided a specific challenge to provide a solution for?

    We are interested in all cyber security and technology challenges that your business may face. We pride ourselves in delivering a unique innovative and secure solution to your requirements.

    What country will receive the final capabilities identified from each BRND project?

    Bluerydge are sovereign to Australia. This statement is embedded in our culture and foundations. All capabilities are in support of Australian industry, Defence and Federal Government.

    Research Partners

    Bluerydge is always interested in the opportunity to discuss research and development opportunities with potential partners in industtry, academia and gorvernment. Contact us to find out more.

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