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Veterans Pathway Program

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The Bluerydge Veterans Pathway Program identifies suitable members who have served in the Australian Defence Force and assists their transition into a consulting role on our team.

Veterans Pathway Program

The Bluerydge Veterans Pathway Program provides support and mentoring.

The program emphasises understanding each veteran, providing relevant information and working with the individual to determine their talents and ambitions.

If this sounds like something you are interested in then we want to hear from you! We are especially interested in personnel with experience in the following specialisations:

  • Cyber Security
  • Information Technology
  • Communications
  • Engineering
  • Electronic Warfare
  • Intelligence
Benefits of the program Apply Now!
Created by veterans for veterans.

We know the value of our veterans and we want them on our team.

Individual growth

Continued care of veterans forming career progression planning, paid tertiary study or certifications with career and quality of life rewards and of course, balance.

A Veteran Team

Our program has assisted a range of veterans into the team which are as equally passionate and focused on supporting new veterans joining.

Qualification Reconciliation

The Bluerydge team can assist veterans getting their skills and experience recognised as real qualifications.

Familiar Engagements

When veterans join the Bluerydge team, they can be confident that their engagements will make sense, are aligned to their goals and utilise their skills and backgrounds.

Transition Assistance

We are aware of the complexities present in the transition from serving in the ADF to a civilian career. We actively help suitable veterans navigate this process and secure a consulting role in our team.

Supportive Mentoring

A unique, personal and continuous method to mentoring involves the allocation of an experienced Bluerydge veteran to every veteran as part of the program.

Can Bluerydge sponsor my security clearance?

Bluerydge will hold your security clearance to ensure you are appropriately cleared to work in sensitive environments where a security clearance is paramount.

How do I join the Bluerydge Veterans Pathway Program?

To apply for the Bluerydge Veterans Pathway Program click the position offering below.

Full Time

I am still currently serving, can Bluerydge help me transition out?

Bluerydge is dedicated to assisting veterans transition to a civilian role with us while limiting the stress and concerns during the process. We will sit down with you and formulate a transition plan, including a timeline and actions required to support you in joining the team.

A handy resource to get you started is here:

Where can I ask more questions about the program?

Drop us a line below and we will be in touch shortly!

    Veterans Assisting Veterans

    The camaraderie in service is something we believe that can continue outside.  We aim to assist our veterans with as much support as possible and we understand that everyone is unique and has unique situations. We are here to help.

    Experience Valued

    Serving your country is an experience like no other. We recognize the experience gained and the sacrifices individuals have made in the course of their duties.

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