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Bluerydge hosted informative panel discussion titled “Navigating Career Transitions in Cyber – CyberShift,” on 17 October at the ACS (Australian Computer Society) Canberra Hub.

As a dedicated cybersecurity company committed to empowering our tech community, Bluerydge was thrilled to provide a platform that offers valuable insights to a wide range of individuals, including ADF members, veterans, first responders, and IT professionals, who are looking to embark on a successful journey into the dynamic world of cybersecurity.

This discussion brought together seasoned experts and professionals who have successfully made the transition into this field. Jim Boekel, Bluerydge CEO, Belinda Paterson, Senior Cyber Security Consultant, Charles Hutchins, Cyber Security Consultant, shared their experiences, strategies, and tips to guide individuals through this transformative shift. From identifying transferable skills to making the most of available resources and networking opportunities, the panelists provided insights on how to address the challenges and opportunities that come with transitioning to a career in cybersecurity.