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The Bluerydge

Cyber Security Solution

An innovative and targeted response to complex and evolving cyber security challenges faced by Australian industry and Government.

We give you the confidence to respond to any cyber challenge

The Bluerydge cyber security solution encompasses three core cyber functions providing a holistic approach to delivering on every requirement.

Governance, Risk, Compliance  (GRC)

Governance, Risk Management and Compliance including advice and planning for security certification, accreditation, audits and assessments.

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Threats Discovery

The response to threats forming incidents, investigations, assessments and deployment of deceptive technologies.

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Capability Development

Development, deployment and tuning of cyber security proprietary or vendor appliances supporting cyber activities.

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The Challenge

Australia is facing an unprecedented challenge to its information security from threat actors operating across cyberspace.

These threats hold the power to steal sensitive information, sabotage critical operations and cripple vulnerable infrastructure at times caused by simple keystrokes or clicks of a mouse.

Understanding this challenge, Bluerydge solutions encompass a holistic and proactive methodology to support industry, Government and Defence combat cyber threats such as hackers, malware, industrial espionage and malicious insiders before they cause harm
Structures that guide and foster security

Bluerydge Solutions

Cyber Security Governance

Risk Management

Risk Assessments, Security Risk Management Plans, Risk Mitigation Strategies, Risk Treatment Plans


Strategic and Tactical Assessments, System Security Audits, Essential 8 Planning and Implementation, Risk and Vulnerability Mitigations, Cyber Security Supply Chain Assurance

Certification & Accreditation

Certification and Accreditation Plans, System Security Management Strategies, End-to-end Accreditation Management

Cyber and System Documentation

System Overview Documents, System Security Plans, System Security Plan Annexes, Incident Response Plans, Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plans, Cyber Security Concept of Operations, Patch Management Plans, Plan of Actions and Milestones, Data Dictionaries
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Combating a threats ability to operate

Bluerydge Solutions

Cybersecurity Threats Discovery

Incident Response & Analysis

The active triage of events, alerts and incidents supporting proactive protections.


Formal and evidence based insights into administrative, criminal and fraudulent activities.

Vulnerability Assessments

The comprehensive discovery and identification of vulnerabilities within an ICT environment.

Penetration Testing

Offensive techniques used to highlight specific employee, application and appliance vulnerabilities.

Threat Intelligence

Information on threats and specifically actors, identifying means to mitigate against their harmful actions.


Deliberate & controlled techniques to cause uncertainty & confusion for threats, influencing & misdirecting.
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Building foundations to support cyber activties

Bluerydge Solutions Cybersecurity Capability


Developing and implementing logging and event strategies.


Configuration of raw logging events into auditable actions and scenarios.


Improving your current implementation through system tuning.

Security Deployments

Implementing organisational, administrative and technical security solution.

Proprietary Configurations

Implementing configurations on proprietary systems.

Vendor Support

Supporting technology vendors with competent implementations
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What exactly is the Bluerydge Experience?

Put simply, when you get one of us, you get all of us.

Bluerydge provides both our customers and consultants full-firm support. This ensures that our customers receive the benefits of the firm’s overall body of knowledge and experience base. The selection of Bluerydge ensures confidence in the successful response to every challenge.

How do we organise a meeting to discuss our requirements?

We are more than happy to discuss your requirement whatever it may be. Get in contact with us by sending a message below and one of our friendly principals will contact you for a meeting.

    Are your personnel cleared?

    The entire Bluerydge team is security cleared with extensive careers within national security.

    Is Bluerydge an Australian firm?

    Bluerydge is a 100% Australian owned and operated consulting firm. Building local solutions with local people is a core tenet of our values. This is evident in our clear mission to combat Australia’s cyber security and technology challenges.

    Our endeavours will always be in the interests of Australia and the Commonwealth. This is not only outlined in strategies and the vision of all Directors, but also by the commitments made to our clients.

    Who are the people that make up Bluerydge?

    We attract Australia’s best to solve the most sensitive and difficult challenges. We encourage and support collaboration between all of our consultants to promote knowledge sharing and growth amongst our high performing teams. This involves readily available reach-back into the business, including the tools and training to deliver high quality outcomes during all engagements.

    Our people include a highly experienced leadership element who drive the problem solving process, to ensure solutions are the highest quality possible. The full firm support Bluerydge offers all of our clients is due the upmost importance we place on our customers success.

    What experience and education do consultants hold?

    All our consultants hold varying degrees of experience across industry, Defence and the Federal Government. Through our commitment to our team we offer dedicated developments plans that award our consultants formal qualifications in a range of cyber security and technology disciplines. This includes industry and vendor certifications to academic post graduate and master level degrees.


    We are a cyber security and technology firm delivering solutions by a team of trusted, cleared and experienced professionals.

    Our commitment

    Bluerydge provides its customers a premium experience with unrivalled commitment and a customer centric strategy that is designed to deliver a positive relationship while ensuring every objective is a success.

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